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We offer International debt collection services in Finland, in Lativa and in Lithuania.
We have branches in all those countries, who can start debt collection and legal procedure.
To start debt collection in those countries is very easy and fast – we just need claim basis document (unpaid invoice, contract or some other written agreement) what You can send to us via homepage or e-mail
Our offer to You in International cases is 10% from collected amount – so no starting or other prepaid fees to You.
When pre legal debt collection will not give any positive results – no payments from debtor and no payment agreement with debtor within 2 months, we cancel the case free of charge to You, or we continue in the court.
When we have decided to continue in the court, we will make to You court offer.

To start International case, send us claim basis document via homepage or e-mail

When You have anything to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone +372 658 0100