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When pre legal debt collection will not give any positive results – no payments from debtor and no payment agreement with debtor within 2 months, we cancel the case free of charge to You, or we continue in the court.

When we have decided to continue in the court – when we see possibilities to get back debt via court procedure, we make to You court offer. But we never 100% guarentee that we get back this debt via court procedure. Because debtor real financial background is visiable only in the enforcement.
Our court offer to You depends on a debt amount, debtor financial background and debtor behaviour.

To continue in the court, there are 2 court options in Estonia:

  1. Fast payment procedure – possibility to get back debt faster and cheaper way. We start fast payment procedure when total debt amount is maximum 6400 euros and debtor has not disputed case earlier.
  2. Normal court action – more time consuming and financially more expensive for a client. We start normal court action when total debt amount is more than a 6400 euros and debtor has disputed case. In this court procedure is needed for a lawyer, who will make normal court application and who is representing client in the court.

When You have anything to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone +372 658 0100