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Expedited procedure is a simplified court procedure that allows reaching a court solution without a civil suit and high legal expenses. Expedited procedure saves the collector’s time and simplifies court cases in situations where the debtor is passive and does not include himself in the process or uses stalling tactics. Expedited procedure may be used for debt claim as well as for child support claims.

To follow expedited procedure, the following requirements need to be met:

  • The claim may not exceed 6400,00 euros (including late fees and interest)
  • The collateral claim (late fees and interest) may not exceed the main claim
  • The due date of the claim has not been met
  • The procedure may not be used for bankruptcy cases
  • Expedited procedure does not allow to claim non-material damage
  • The state fee on the procedure is 3% on the main claim, but not less than 45,00 euros.

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